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Igloofest in January, 2009
GenreElectronic music
Location(s)Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
WebsiteOfficial website

Igloofest (or igloofest) is an annual outdoor music festival which takes place at the Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[1] Co-produced by Piknic Electronik and the Quays of the Old Port, it began in January 2007 and now draws crowds in the tens of thousands every year.

"One-Piece" Contest[edit]

Every weekend, a contest takes place in which the contestants show off their one-piece suits. The pictures are then posted on the official Igloofest website. The prize bundle can include anything from expensive winter clothing to rare V.I.P. tickets.[2]

Notable Performances[edit]

Igloofest in January, 2009

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