Ignacio Bonillas

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Ignacio Bonillas

Ignacio Bonillas Frajio (1 February 1858 – 23 June 1942) was a Mexican diplomat. He was a Mexican ambassador to the United States and held a degree in mine engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


He was born on 1 February 1858.

Venustiano Carranza wanted a civilian instead of a military official to be elected as president of Mexico. Bonillas had been part of the three member diplomatic delegation responsible of securing the unconditional withdrawal of the American forces of the Punitive Expedition from Mexico. Because of this, Carranza supported the candidacy of Bonillas in the election of 1920, even though he was not very well known in Mexico. He was called "Fleur de Thè" because of a zarzuela by Álvaro Obregón - a general who was popular and wanted power for himself - opposed this, and launched the Plan of Agua Prieta.

He died on 23 June 1942.

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