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Ignatyev Imperial Russian noble family

Ignatyev, Ignatiev, or Ignatieff (Russian: Игнатьев; masculine) or Ignatyeva (Игнатьева; feminine) is a Russian surname derived from the name Ignatius, in Russian, Ignatiy/Ignaty. In the Imperial Russia the Ignatievs noble family was established sometimes in the 17th century as a cadet branch of the Pleshchevs family from Chernihiv (Czernihów). Along with Pleshchevs, the Ignatievs family takes its roots from a Muscovite boyar Theodore Biakont who emigrated from Chernihiv to Moscow sometime in the 14th century, see Alexius, Metropolitan of Kiev.

Ihnatyev and Ihnatiev is a transliteration of the name from Belarusian and Ukrainian languages. For more information, see Ge (Cyrillic).

Notable people with the surname include:

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