Ignatius Gymnasium

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St. Ignatiusgymnasium
St. Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam
Jan van Eijckstraat Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type Public[1] Gymnasium
Established 1895
Principal Anita Swenneker
Staff 70
Number of students 900

Saint Ignatius Gymnasium (St. Ignatiusgymnasium) is one of the five categorial gymnasia (a type of school) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With the Vossius Gymnasium and the Barlaeus Gymnasium, it is among the most prestigious schools in Amsterdam.[citation needed] Ignatius is located in the Jan van Eijckstraat in the affluent 'Old South' district of Amsterdam.

It is one of the few Catholic gymnasiums in the Netherlands, founded in 1895. Originally a Jesuit school, it is named after the founder of the Jesuit Order Ignatius of Loyola. The school is fairly small and has a student population of about 900 with 70 staff.[citation needed]

According to the Dutch Education Inspectorate, the Ignatius Gymnasium is as a very good school across the board.[citation needed] In the first three years, 2% has to repeat a class while 76% of the survivors passes their exams at once with an average grade of 6.9.[citation needed] All this is considered to be better than average.[citation needed] The Dutch magazine Elsevier chooses the Ignatius Gymnasium for several years[when?] as one of the best schools in the Netherlands.[citation needed] The school was elected as the best school in the province of North Holland in 2004.[citation needed] In 2010, Elsevier placed the school alongside ‘The winners of 2010, least repeaters and best exam results’.[citation needed]

The school newspaper is called De Harpoen.

Notable old-Ignatians include beer magnate Henry Pierre Heineken (nl) from the Heineken company; television personality Ivo Niehe; his brother Eric Niehe, Olympic rower and former Dutch Ambassador in India; conductor and recorder player Frans Brüggen; conductor Edo de Waart; Paul Josef Crutzen, a Nobel Prize winner; linguist Pieter Seuren; architect André van Stigt (nl); journalist Haye Thomas (nl); Gerard van Westerloo (nl), former editor of De Groene Amsterdammer; Bernard Delfgaauw, professor of Philosophy at the University of Groningen; former Minister of Social Affairs Charles van Rooy; Piet Steenkamp, founder of the CDA; Rad Kortenhorst, former president of the House of Representatives; Lambert Meertens, former chairman of the PSP; Bernard Wientjes (nl), former chairman of the employers' organization VNO-NCW; Bertus Aafjes, a writer; Paul Biegel, author of children's books; Frans van der Lugt, Jesuit priest murdered in Homs, Syria; and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Joseph Luns, both former Secretaries-General of NATO.


  1. ^ A public (openbare) school in the Netherlands is a school which receives only state funding, as opposed to special schools, which often receive religious funding too. See also: Schoolstrijd

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