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Igor Babailov
For Gold God and Glory.
For Gold, God, and Glory, Oil on Canvas, 70" x 72", by Igor Babailov.

Igor Valerievich Babailov (born February 9, 1965) is a Russian-born American painter and portrait artist, known for his commissioned portraits of global leaders, celebrities and distinguished individuals. Some of his notable portraits include those of: Pope Benedict XVI[1][2] (Vatican), President of Russia Vladimir Putin[3][4] (Kremlin), New York State Appellate Division Justice Joseph P. Sullivan[5] (Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State), Mayor Rudolph Giuliani[6] of New York (Giuliani Partners), Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney[7] (House of Commons), pianist Byron Janis[8] (Steinway Hall), Templeton Prize recipient Michael Novak[9] of the American Enterprise Institute, and numerous other prominent figures for public and private collections.[10] Besides portrait works, Babailov is also known for his large scale multi-figurative paintings, such as his “For Gold, God and Glory” painting[11] and “Believe” painted for the Vatican on the occasion of the World Youth Days.[12]

Background and academia[edit]

Babailov began his formal art education at nine years of age.[13] He received his Master of Fine Art's degree from the Surikov Academy of Fine Arts[14] of The Moscow School of Painting acclaimed for its famous teachers and alumni: Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, and Abram Arkhipov among others.

Scholar and advocate of the traditional values in visual arts, Mr. Babailov's teachings highlight the importance of drawing from life as a foundation for strong painting.[15] Babailov holds workshops and portrait demonstrations in art colleges, art societies, and private clubs across North America.[16] He is a public speaker, represented by Harry Walker Agency.[17] According to the Agency, in his demonstrations “…you witness "the truth of the soul" coming alive in front of your eyes…”[18]

Babailov has been featured in professional art publications and news media, such as: The New York Daily News,[2] National Review,[1] The Moscow Times,[3] CBC News,[19] the Vatican's ZENIT,[13] Live with Regis and Kelly Show,[20] The Artist's Magazine,[21] Art World News,[22] International Artist,[23] Classical Realism Journal,[24] AskMen,[25] MercatorNet,[26] The Encyclopedia Tematica del Peru,[27] and Italian American magazine Primo.[28]


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