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Igor Marojević is a Serbian writer. He was born in Vrbas, Serbia in 1968. He is the youngest prose author presented in the latest edition of Jovan Deretić's Short History of Serbian Literature. He lives in Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia and is a member of Serbian and Catalan PEN centre and one of the founders of Srpsko književno društvo (Serbian Literature Society).


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Igor Marojević graduated from the Department of Serbian language and Literature, University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology. He took a master on the Theory of World's Literature at Universidad Autónoma, Barcelona. He published the novels Dvadeset četiri zida (Twenty-four walls), Žega (Drought), Parter (Parterre), Šnit (Schnitt) and Majčina ruka (Mother's Hand) together with three books of stories Tragači (Seekers), Mediterani (Mediterraneans) and Beograđanke (Women from Belgrade), and a nouvelle Obmana Boga (To Deceive God).

His play Nomadi (Nomads), written in Spanish as Los nómadas was staged in Spain, in Terrassa and Bilbao. The adaptation of this play was staged in Serbia under the name Tvrđava Evropa (Fortress Europe) as a part of BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival). The adaptation of his first novel was also staged in Serbian theater, in production of Beogradsko dramsko pozorište (Belgrade Theatre of Drama, 2003) which produced as well his second play, Bar sam svoj čovek (I'm My Own Man) http://www.gledajme.rs/item/predstava/46 .

His nouvelle Obmana Boga was translated to Spanish http://www.laie.es/libro/el-engano-de-dios/199477/978-84-932554-3-5 and Portuguese and his play Nomadi to Catalan; his collections of stories was translated to Macedonian http://www.literatura.mk/BookDetails.aspx?Pr=11663 and Slovenian http://www.ludliteratura.si/knjiga/mediterani/. His works are included in Serbian or European prose anthologies in German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Slovenian language.

He has translated books by Hispanic – Ana María Matute, Max Aub, Roberto Bolaño, four of his books, Alberto Méndez... – and Catalan authors (Mercè Rodoreda, Josep Pla, Quim Monzó...).

Published works[edit]


  • Dvadeset četiri zida (Twenty-four walls, 1998, 2010)
  • Žega (Drought, 2004, 2008)
  • Šnit (Schnitt, 2007, 2008, 2014)
  • Parter (Parterre, 2009)
  • Majčina ruka (Mother's Hand, 2011)

Story collections[edit]

  • Tragači (Seekers, 2001)
  • Mediterani (Mediterraneans, 2006, 2008)
  • Beograđanke (Belgrade Women, 2014, six editions)


  • Obmana Boga (To Deceive God, 1997)

Essay Collection[edit]

  • Kroz glavu (Through the Head, 2012)


  • Nomadi (Nomads, 2004, 2008)
  • Bar sam svoj čovek (I'm My Own Man, 2009–2011)

Anthologies entered[edit]

  • Hotel Europa – the anthology of European essays and stories in German (ed. Ilma Rakusa, Michael M. Thoss), Wunderhorn, Heidelberg, 2012
  • Der Engel und der rote Hund, the anthology of Serbian short stories in German (ed. Angela Richter), Noack & Block, Berlin, 2011
  • Selection of the Serbian literature in German, Neue Rundschau, Frankfurt, 3/2010
  • Tragische Intensität Europas, Das Schreibheft 71, Essen, 2008, a panoramic view of a Serbian prose through the reception of Peter Handke (ed. Žarko Radaković). (Tragische Intensität Europas, Das Schreibheft 71, Essen, 2008).
  • The selection of the Balkan Literature in Ukrainian (www.potyah76.org.ua)
  • Ztracen v samoobsluze (The Lost in the Supermarket – anthology of the Serbian short stories in Chech, ed. Tatjana Micić, IP Bělehrad, 2007)
  • Casablanca serba – anthology of the Serbian short stories in Italian (ed. Nikole Janigro), Feltrinelli, Milano, 2003
  • Bizarni raskazi (The Bizar Stories – anthology of the Serbian short stories in Macedonian, ed. Tatjana Rosić, "Magor", Skopje, Macedonia, 2003)
  • YU Blok – anthology of ex-Yugoslavia's literature in Slovenian (ed. A. Čar), Apokalipsa, Ljubljana, Slovenia, No 51-52, 2002
  • The selection of the Serbian Prose in Hungarian, ed. S. Ilć, "Orbis" Kanisza, 1/2-2000


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