Igor Moskvin

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Igor Moskvin
Personal information
Full name Igor Borisovich Moskvin
Country represented  Soviet Union
Born (1929-08-30) 30 August 1929 (age 88)
Bezhitsa, Bryansk Oblast
Residence Saint Petersburg
Partner Maya Belenkaya
Coach Pyotr Orlov
Nina Leplinskaya

Igor Borisovich Moskvin (Russian: Игорь Борисович Москвин; born 30 August 1929) is a Russian former figure skating coach and competitor who represented the Soviet Union in pair skating with Maya Belenkaya. He is an Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR and Honored Coach of the USSR.

Personal life[edit]

Moskvin was born on 30 August 1929[1] in Bezhitsa, Bryansk Oblast.[2] He married Tamara Moskvina (née Bratus) in 1964.[2][3] They have two daughters, Olga Igorevna Moskvina (born 12 April 1970),[1] and Anna Igorevna Moskvina (born 14 June 1974).[2][4] He and his wife reside in Saint Petersburg.


Moskvin competed for the Soviet Union as a pair skater with partner Maya Belenkaya (Майя Беленькая).[2] He was coached by Pyotr Orlov and Nina Leplinskaya. Aside from figure skating, he participated in yacht racing and won several sailing regattas in the 1950s.[2] He was named an Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR.[5]

After ending his competitive career, Moskvin began coaching in Dynamo club (Leningrad), then Burevestnik (Leningrad) and later Trud (Leningrad). He received the title of Honored Coach of the USSR.[6] His students included:

Many of his pupils later became coaches. Tamara Moskvina said that he was able to infect people with love for coaching.[2] When asked if there was a coaching rivalry between them, Moskvin said that he had never considered themselves rivals because he was more focused on singles while his wife was focused on pairs.[2] Moskvin is retired.[2]


Event 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958
European Championships 11th
Soviet Championships 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd


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