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Igor Muttik
of McAfee (Part of Intel Security).

Igor Muttik (born 1962 in Russia) is a computer security expert, researcher and inventor.


Dr. Igor Muttik is a Senior Principal Research Architect with McAfee which is part of Intel Corporation since 2011. He started researching computer malware in 1980s when anti-virus industry was in its infancy. Muttik holds a PhD degree in physics and mathematics from the Moscow State University. He is a member of CARO (Computer Antivirus Research Organization) since 1994, lives in the UK and worked as a virus researcher for Dr. Solomon’s Software. Since 1998 Muttik was running McAfee’s anti-malware research in EMEA and switched to his architectural role in 2002.

In 2008 he was one of the co-founders of AMTSO[1] (Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization) and was on the Board of AMTSO for 3 years. Muttik was also a co-founder of Industry Connections Security Group [2] (ICSG is part of IEEE) - he is the chair of the taggant system working group,[3] vice-chair of the ICSG[2] and CMX (clean file metadata exchange) working groups.[4] The taggant system and CMX are both part of AMSS (Anti-Malware Support Service).[5]

He is a regular speaker at major international security conferences like Black Hat Briefings,[6][7][8] RSA Conference, DEF CON,[9] Virus Bulletin, EICAR.

Muttik is a visiting professor at the Information Security Group[10] at Royal Holloway University London. He is heading McAfee's work for the security research of mobile devices funded by EPSRC:[11] MobSec,[12][13] ACID[14] and AppGuarden [15] projects. His current work is focused on the architecture of security solutions for smart devices and on hardware-assisted security technologies.

Packer controversy[edit]

In May 2009 Muttik's blog about the risks associated with the use of software packers caused criticism by Rob Rosenberger.[16][17] Despite this incident Muttik is working closely today with several software companies developing software packers (like Themida) on the taggant system.[citation needed]

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