Igor Putin

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Igor Putin
Igor Alexandrovich Putin

(1953-03-30) 30 March 1953 (age 65)
Leningrad, USSR (now St Petersburg, Russia)
EducationRyazan Military Higher School
Occupationbusinessman and politician
Known forformer Vice President of Master Bank
Parent(s)Alexander Putin
RelativesVladimir Putin (cousin)

Igor Alexandrovich Putin (Russian: Игорь Александрович Путин; born 30 March 1953) is a Russian businessman and politician, former vice president of Master Bank. He is a cousin of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Igor Putin was born in Leningrad to the family of a Soviet military officer Alexander Putin, a younger brother of Vladimir Putin senior, father of the Russian President. Soon the family moved to Kovrov and then to Ryazan, where Alexander Putin served as an instructor in Ryazan Military Higher School (Ryazanskoye Vysheye Komandnoye Avtombilnoye Uchilische).[1] Igor Putin graduated from Ryazan Military Higher School in 1974.


In 1974–1998 Igor Putin served in the Soviet Army and then in Russian Army. In 1998 he retired from the military and moved to Ryazan. In 1998–2000 he worked in Ryazan Oblast Statistics Committee. In 2000–2005 he worked as the chairman of the Ryazan Licensing Chamber. In 2002 he became the chairman of Ryazan Coordination Committee of the United Russia party. During those years Igor Putin also obtained degrees from the Volgo-Vyatskaya Academy of State Service (2000) and from Moscow Institute of Economics, Management, and Law (2003)[1]

In 2005 Igor Putin moved to Samara to become the chairman of the Samara Reservoir Plant (part of VolgaBurMash holding). In October 2006 Igor Putin changed his political affiliations from the United Russia to A Just Russia political party. In 2007 he became a director of AVTOVAZBANK.[1]

In September 2010 Igor Putin became a vice president of Master Bank. In the same month the bank received a lucrative contract with Russian Nanotechnology Corporation. Still Igor Putin held the vice president position only a few months and retired in December 2010.

Alleged criminality[edit]

His retirement coincided with a criminal investigation in which over 30 million Russian roubles was allegedly stolen from the bank by its employees using IT technologies. The investigation accused a leading IT specialist of the bank, Mery Tevanyan of operating a large illegal business with the daily volume up to 500 million Russian roubles using bank's money. In March 2011, five days after conclusion of the investigations Igor Putin returned to the bank as a director. According to the bank he is not supposed to manage its daily operations. Igor Putin also keeps his position as a director of the AVTOVAZBANK.[3]

A story by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project discussed how a number of banks associated with Putin were involved in a massive money laundering scheme dubbed the Russian Laundromat.[4] The system moved money through Putin's and other banks using fake loans between offshore, paper companies, bribed Moldovan judges and Moldovan and Latvian banks to move money out of Russia and into Europe.[5]


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