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Igor Yakimov is a World Masters Judo champion, as well as a World Masters sport sambo champion and a medallist at the Combat Sambo world championships. He is the author of the Russian Judo video series and for his Sambo Leglocks video series.


Igor Yakimov, a former Soviet Army officer, is the head trainer of Sambo Canada and United Federation of Russian Sambo (UFRS) Canada President. Igor is a graduate of Russian Military College where he was trained in sport and combat sambo. He was twice national Sambo Champion of Russia, and world Sambo Champion. He is also the 2001 world judo champion in the Masters Class. Igor is a Master of Sports in sambo. Igor is also the Canadian representative of Federation International Amateur de Sambo (FIAS), the largest Sambo sanctioning body in the world.

When Igor came to Canada he originally lived in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador and trained at the Memorial University Judo Club, then run by Dr. Yves Legal.


  • 2001 World Masters Sambo Champion
  • 2001 Medalist World Combat Sambo Championship
  • 1999 World Masters Judo Champion
  • 1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
  • 1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
  • 1998 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships Medalist
  • 1998 Pan American Sambo Champion
  • 1997 Provincial Judo Champion
  • 1990 International Sambo Champion
  • 1990 Medalist Soviet Sambo Championship
  • 1988 Russian National Sambo Champion
  • 1985 Russian National Sambo Champion
  • 1984 Medalist of International Judo Tournament of Socialist Countries