Igor the Assassin

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Igor the Assassin
Born1960 (age 59–60)
NationalityRussian (alleged)
Other namesUnknown
OrganizationSVR, KGB
Known forPoisoning of Alexander Litvinenko (alleged) Multiple Assassinations

Igor the Assassin is an SVR and former KGB officer who allegedly killed Alexander Litvinenko and escaped back to Russia.[1][2] He was among the members of a group consisting of former KGB agents called 'Dignity and Honor'.[3] According to one version of the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning, the official suspect of the murder, Andrei Lugovoi, only distracted the attention of Litvinenko, while "Igor the Assassin" placed the radioactive polonium into the cup of tea served for Litvinenko. "Igor the Assassin" was later seen on his way back to Russia in an airport in London.

His name and true identity remain unknown. He was said to be a former Spetznaz officer born in 1960 who is a judo master and walks with a slight limp. He speaks perfect English and Portuguese.[4] Steven Wright of the Daily Mail reported that he was 46 years old in 2006.[3]

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