Igraine the Brave

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Igraine the Brave
The Cover
Author Cornelia Funke
Original title Igraine Ohnefurcht
Translator Anthea Bell[1]
Country Germany
Language German
Genre Children's, Fantasy novel

The Chicken House(English),

Dressler (Germany)
Publication date
January 2007
Published in English
October 1, 2007
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 224[1]

Igraine the Brave is a fantasy novel written by Cornelia Funke. It was released on October 1, 2007, published by The Chicken House. Originally written in German, it was translated by Anthea Bell.


Igraine lives in an old castle with her family, magicians who possess powerful books of magic. Her older brother Albert is following in the family line, but Igraine plans to be a knight one day, even though she feels there is not much adventure to be had at home these days. Her ancestors, though, had warded off many attempts to steal the books of magic.

On her 12th birthday, Igraine's parents give her a magical suit of armor, but in the process, they are turned into pigs by mistake. Matters get worse when the next-door Baroness's castle is taken over by Osmond the Greedy, who wants to take the magical books so he can overthrow the king. Igraine and her brother must find a way to defend the castle from Osmond's siege while keeping their parents' condition secret and searching for the missing ingredient for their restoration to human form. Albert handles the castle's magical defenses while Igraine leaves to find the missing ingredient. She finds the ingredient and some assistance, in the form of the Sorrowful Knight of the Mount of Tears, who not only agrees to help her return home but also begins teaching her about the rules of chivalry, and eventually helps Igraine and her family end the siege.


Igraine- An 11-year-old girl that wants to be a knight someday, on her 12th Birthday she pursues her dream

Albert- Igraine's older brother that plans to follow the line of family generations that are magicians, possessing powerful books of magic

Osmond the Greedy- A selfish, evil man who moves in next door, who wants to take the mythical ability from Igraine's family's powerful books of magic.

Sir Lamorak & Fair Melisande- Igraine's parents & are the rulers of Pimpernel Castle, but are unfortunately turned into pigs

Garleff- A friendly giant that Igraine goes to for some hair that her parents need

The Sorrowful Knight of the Mount of Tears (Sir Urban of Wintergreen)- A knight that accompanies Igraine on her journey coming back to her castle

The Singing Books of Magic- Magical books that have been possessed in Igraine's family for years

Sisyphus- Igraine's pet cat, who was enchanted, giving him the ability to talk.

Rowan Heartless- Also known as the Iron Hedgehog due to his suit of armor, which is covered with spikes. He serves as Osmond's second-in-command.

Major themes[edit]

  • Age is just a number.
  • A girl can do the same stuff a guy can do. Perhaps sometimes even better.
  • Always follow your dreams.
  • Like the girl and books, never judge a book by its cover.


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