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King of Ebla
Reignc. 2360 BC. Middle chronology
King of Ebla
First Eblaite Empire.

Igrish-Halam or Igriš-Halab,[1] was a king of the ancient city state of Ebla.[2][3] His name means "(The god of) Halab has driven away (the opponent)", hence, the name might be a commemoration of an Eblaite victory that led to the incorporation of lands beyond the city of Halab.[4] His reign was characterized by an Eblaite weakness, and tribute paying to the kingdom of Mari,[5][6] with whom Ebla fought a long war.[7] His battle with Iblul-Il of Mari at Sahiri was instrumental in this tribute payment.

He ruled for 12 years[8] and was succeeded by his son Irkab-Damu who was a more vigorous ruler.



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