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Iguana Entertainment
Acclaim Studios Austin
Subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment
Industry Computer and video games
Interactive entertainment
Founded Sunnyvale, California, United States (August 14, 1991)
Founder Jeff Spangenberg (CEO & President)
Beth Spangenberg (CFO)
Darrin Stubbington (VP)
Matt Stubbington (Art Director)
J. Moon (Business Development Manager)
Defunct September 1, 2004
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States
Products Turok (1997–2002)
Parent Acclaim Entertainment

Iguana Entertainment (later Acclaim Studios Austin) was an American video game developer from 1991 to 2004 best known for developing the Turok series and the home console versions of NBA Jam.

Company history[edit]

Iguana Entertainment was first incorporated in California, in 1991, by Jeff Spangenberg. [1]

Prior to incorporating Iguana Entertainment, Mr. Spangenberg had run Punk Development.[2] Based in Sunnyvale, Punk Development was the product development arm of RazorSoft, Inc., an Oklahoma-based video game distributor. All of the founders and many early employees worked for Punk Development.[3]

Iguana Entertainment's major clients included Acclaim Entertainment and Sunsoft.[4]

In September 1993, Iguana Entertainment moved to Austin, Texas, becoming Austin's second-largest developer of computer games, smaller only than Origin Systems, which was already part of Electronic Arts. Iguana Entertainment became a Texas corporation on December 10, 1993.[citation needed]

The original pet iguanas could not be easily moved between states and were given away. Once in Texas, a new tank and iguanas were added to the lobby. Cyrus Lum created an updated company logotype (featuring a portrait of the new iguana named Killer) and animation that appears in many Iguana games with the iguana mascot.[citation needed]

Also in 1993, the company acquired Optimus Software Ltd of Teesside, England which became Iguana Entertainment UK. Iguana UK proved a valuable resource, both for "porting" arcade games including NBA Jam to home video game consoles and for recruiting and preparing employees for transfer to the US office.[5]

In 1995, owners Jeff and Beth Spangenberg sold Iguana Entertainment to Acclaim Entertainment.[6] In the following years, the two Iguana studios became Acclaim Studios Austin and Acclaim Studios Teesside.

In 2000, Jason and Darren Falcus left to form Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd., Acclaim Entertainment made a sharp cut in the number of employees at Acclaim Studios Teesside, which was finally closed in 2002.[7]

When parent company Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt in September 2004, most employees of Acclaim Studios Austin found out when they showed up for work but the building's manager had locked them out of their offices. Acclaim Studios Austin was closed and subsequently liquidated.[8]

Games developed[edit]

During its 13-year history, Iguana Entertainment developed many games under both the Iguana Entertainment name (for both U.S. and UK studios) and the Acclaim Studios Austin name.

As Iguana Entertainment[edit]

Year Game Platform(s)
1992 Super High Impact Sega Genesis
1993 Aero the Acro-Bat Sega Genesis, Super NES
1994 Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
Aero the Acro-Bat 2
The Pirates of Dark Water Sega Genesis
NBA Jam Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Super NES
Side Pocket Super NES
1995 Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
NBA Jam Tournament Edition PlayStation, Genesis 32X, Sega Genesis, Super NES
NFL Quarterback Club Genesis 32X, Sega Genesis, Super NES
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super NES
NFL Quarterback Club 96 Microsoft Windows, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super NES
1996 College Slam Game Boy, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super NES
NFL Quarterback Club 97 PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game
1997 All-Star Baseball
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Nintendo 64
NFL Quarterback Club 98
1998 NHL Breakaway 98
All-Star Baseball 99
Forsaken 64
Iggy's Reckin' Balls
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
NFL Quarterback Club 99
NHL Breakaway 99
NBA Jam 99
South Park Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, PlayStation
1999 All-Star Baseball 2000 Nintendo 64
WWF Attitude

As Acclaim Studios Austin[edit]

Year Game Platform(s)
1999 South Park: Chef's Luv Shack Nintendo 64
Turok: Rage Wars
2000 Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
2001 All-Star Baseball 2002 GameCube, PlayStation 2
2002 All-Star Baseball 2003 Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2
Turok: Evolution
2003 Vexx
All-Star Baseball 2004
2004 All-Star Baseball 2005 Xbox, PlayStation 2
Showdown: Legends of Wrestling


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  • "Articles of Merger of Domestic and Foreign Corporations" (December 10, 1993)

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