Iguana Yachts

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Iguana Yachts
Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Shipyard
Founded 15 July 2008
Founder Antoine Brugidou
Headquarters Bréhal, France
Area served
Key people
Antoine Brugidou[1] · [2]
Products Luxury amphibious boats
Website Iguana Yachts website

Iguana Yachts is a French company created in 2008, specialized in design and manufacturing of new generation boats. The main facilities and shipyards are located in western France, in Normandy where the allied troops landed 70 years ago. The groundbreaking products of the company rely on a brand new patented technology : amphibious motorboats featuring all-terrain tracks.


Iguana 24 on a beach.

The shipyard was created in 2008, from the idea of Antoine Brugidou, former Vice President of Accenture, in association with the naval architect Tanguy Le Bihan and the designers (Fritsch & associés).[3] Based on the requirements of Antoine Brugidou willing to have a performant, marine and elegant boat able to walk on each and every surface, Antoine Fritsch designed the Iguana Mobility System. A very simple and efficient patented system enabling the hull to carry the mobility system. In marine conditions, the track system is perfectly integrated in the hull and deployed (90° rotation) on the ground. The special designed tracks (customized external pattern adapted to sand and mud, and internal material unaffected by corrosion), enable the boat to land on most of the surface from slopes (up to 12° angle), to sand or mud beaches or even small rocks surfaces. After three years of development, two prototypes, Iguana Yachts launched the serial production in Caen using local expertise to ensure the best quality for a high level performance and comfort. The project was funded by several business angels networks (Arts et Métiers Business Angels, ESSEC Business Angels, Paris Business Angels, XMP Business Angels)[4] and led to the launching of the first 24 ft boat in 2012.[5] At the same time, production lines were designed and the company ran a stand in the international Boat shows.[6] The serial production was launched right after the show and the first luxury boat was sold in 2013, in Bahrain. Because of its versatile use, the amphibious boat also attracts investors specialized in military and professional purposes (e.g. firemen).[7]

Iguana Yachts today[edit]

Today, Iguana Yachts production is made up of 29 ft boats, equipped with 300 HP outboard motors . They can reach 35 knots on sea and 7 km/h on earth.[8] The Iguana Yachts amphibious boats carry many innovations, with more than 800 parts, from the customized high resistance roller blade suspensions to the automatized control command system. The ground engine, key of the terrestrial propulsion system has been developed with major German engineers and carry marine grade aluminum and 316 stainless steel, materials adapted for an extensive marine immersion resistant to corrosion. The hulls are built from composite materials using advanced resin infusion technologies: vacuum infusion, foam core sandwich and carbon fiber, guaranteeing the best possible balance between strength and weight. Vacuum pressure is used to drive resin into the laminate. The aluminum landing gear connected to the carbon fiber hull ensures fatigue resistance and leads to the good performance of the boats. The Iguana 29 are used as tender yachts, as day boats for owners of beach villas enabling them to go directly from the garden to the water. The last fundraising (end of 2013), brought 1.2 million Euros from several private investors to ensure the further development of the Plan.[9]

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