Ihatovo Monogatari

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Ihatovo Monogatari
Ihatovo Monogatari Coverart.png
Cover art
Composer(s)Tsukasa Tawada[2]
Platform(s)Super Famicom[1]
Mode(s)Single-player only

Ihatovo Monogatari (イーハトーヴォ物語, Ihatovo Monogatari, lit. Ihatovo Story) is a 1993 adventure video game that was released exclusively in Japan. A fan translation group released an unofficial English translation patch for the game on December 28, 2018.[3]


Players control a teacher in the game.

The story depicts the action as taking place in the utopian world of Ihatovo.[4]

The game focuses on collecting information (notebooks from Miyazawa's fairy tales) and items (that are related to those fairy tales) instead of fighting monsters.[4][5] Some of the surprises that the player finds includes a movie theater that is always closed, the opportunity to play the role of a temporary school teacher, and having portraits of unique non-player characters that show up while talking to them.

Inspired by the stories of Kenji Miyazawa, the story covers nine chapters and surreal environments.[6] The ending involves speaking to Mr. Miyazawa himself and returning to the real world via the Galaxy Express train.


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