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Ihme and north edge of Ihme-Zentrum
Shopping mall, June 2003
Base level of the Ihme-Zentrums in 2004

The Ihme-Zentrum is a residential, business and shopping center in Hanover between the Linden and Calenberger Neustadt quarters. It is located west at the bank of the Ihme river.


Ihme-Zentrum total view

It has a commercial and shopping areas of 60.000 m² and residential areas of 58,300 m² for about 860 apartments (about 2,400 people) and 8,000 m² for about 450 students. There are 3 high buildings (about 20 floors) for residential and one for commercial use.

Current rebuild[edit]

In July 2006 the ownership changed from Engel to the American Carlyle Group.

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Coordinates: 52°22′15″N 9°43′02″E / 52.37083°N 9.71722°E / 52.37083; 9.71722