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Iiro Seppänen (born July 13, 1975) is a Finnish producer, director and author. After successful careers as a master magician and professional BASE jumper,[1] Seppänen turned his talents to filmmaking and since 2005 has produced two award-winning documentaries (The Ground is the Limit and Journey to the Center), more than 50 hours of prime time TV entertainment, the CBS transmedia micro-series The Courier, [2] and executive produced the 2011 Robert De Niro film, Freelancers.

In 2009, Seppänen and Chinese film executive Frank Yang co-founded Pan-Pacific Entertainment, a Hollywood-based film investment, consulting and production company created to manage an independent motion picture fund, produce independent live-action and animated feature films, and provide transmedia planning and consulting. Pan-Pacific is principally engaged in the financing, production, co-production and worldwide distribution of these properties.


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