Iiwake Maybe

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"Iiwake Maybe"
Iiwake Maybe Regular Edition (KIZM-37) cover.jpg
Regular Edition cover
Single by AKB48
from the album Kamikyokutachi
B-side "Tobenai Agehachō"
Released August 26, 2009 (2009-08-26) (Japan)
Format CD Single
Genre J-pop
Length 4:09
Label You, Be Cool! / King
Songwriter(s) Yasushi Akimoto, Shunryū
Producer(s) Yasushi Akimoto
AKB48 singles chronology
"Namida Surprise!"
"Iiwake Maybe"
"Namida Surprise!"
"Iiwake Maybe"
Music videos
"Iiwake Maybe" on YouTube

Music video
"Tobenai Agehachō" / Under Girls

"Iiwake Maybe" (言い訳Maybe, "An Excuse, Maybe") is the 13th major single by the Japanese idol group AKB48, released on August 26, 2009.[1] It was the first AKB48's single which participating members were chosen by election. The single surprisingly outsold SMAP on its first day, taking the 1st place in the daily chart,[2] but eventually placed 2nd in the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.[3]

Track listing[edit]

The single was released in two versions: Regular Edition (通常盤) (CD+DVD, catalog number KIZM-37/8) and Theater Edition (劇場盤) (CD only, catalog number NMAX-1086).

Regular Edition[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Iiwake Maybe" (言い訳Maybe) Yasushi Akimoto, Shunryū 4:09
2. "Tobenai Agehachō" (飛べないアゲハチョウ) Yasushi Akimoto, Yoshimasa Inoue 3:41
3. "Iiwake Maybe (off vocal ver.)" Akimoto, Shunryū  
4. "Tobenai Agehachō (off vocal ver.)" Akimoto, Inoue  
Total length: 15:49
No. Title Length
1. "Iiwake Maybe (music video)" (「言い訳Maybe」ビデオクリップ)  
2. "Tobenai Agehachō (music video)" (「飛べないアゲハチョウ」ビデオクリップ)  
3. "AKB48 General Election documentary" (AKB48総選挙ドキュメント)  

Bonus (First press limited edition only)

  • Handshake event ticket

Theater Edition[edit]


See Regular Edition CD


Participating members were chosen by election.[4] Top 21 members sang the A-side "Iiwake Maybe". Those, who were voted 22nd to 30th, sang the B-side "Tobenai Agehachō" under the name of Under Girls.

"Iiwake Maybe"[edit]

  1. Atsuko Maeda (Team A) (4630 votes)
  2. Yūko Ōshima (Team K) (3345)
  3. Mariko Shinoda (Team A) (2852)
  4. Mayu Watanabe (Team B) (2625)
  5. Minami Takahashi (Team A) (2614)
  6. Haruna Kojima (Team A) (2543)
  7. Tomomi Itano (Team A) (2281)
  8. Amina Satō (Team A) (2117)
  9. Yuki Kashiwagi (Team B) (1920)
  10. Tomomi Kasai (Team K) (1890)
  11. Erena Ono (Team K) (1838)
  12. Sayaka Akimoto (Team K) (1599)
  13. Rie Kitahara (Team A) (1578)
  14. Sae Miyazawa (Team K) (1547)
  15. Yukari Satō (Team A) (1539)
  16. Minami Minegishi (Team A) (1414)
  17. Kazumi Urano (Team B) (1395)
  18. Miho Miyazaki (Team A) (1373)
  19. Jurina Matsui (SKE48) (1371)
  20. Aika Ōta (Team B) (1365)
  21. Asuka Kuramochi (Team K) (1355)

"Tobenai Agehachō"[edit]

Under Girls
  1. Rumi Yonezawa (Team B) (1352)
  2. Aki Takajō (Team A) (1322)
  3. Megumi Ohori (Team K) (1316)
  4. Yuka Masuda (Team K) (1247)
  5. Natsumi Hirajima (Team B) (1216)
  6. Rino Sashihara (Team B) (1170)
  7. Haruka Katayama (Team B) (1089)
  8. Rena Matsui (SKE48) (1073)
  9. Natsumi Matsubara (Team K) (1050)


Chart (2009) Peak
Japan (Oricon Weekly Singles Chart) 2
Japan (Japan Hot 100)[5] 2
Japan (RIAJ Digital Track Chart) 11

Sales and certifications[edit]

Chart Amount
Oricon physical sales 145,776
RIAJ full-length cellphone downloads Platinum (250,000+)