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Type of site
Online game portal
Available in English (all titles), Spanish and German (Soldier Front and GunZ only)
Owner Aeria Games
Created by Ashton Mentz, La Mirada, CA
Website www.ijji.com
Commercial Yes
Registration Requires Facebook Account
Launched July 7, 2006
Current status Down
Content license

ijji /ˈ/ was a free multiplayer game portal website. Games hosted at ijji ranged from traditional shooters and MMORPGs to more accessible casual games, all of which were free to download and play, and with the majority featuring competitive multiplayer gameplay. The ijji website opened on July 7, 2006.[1] The American-based game portal has published some well-known worldwide titles that include Alliance of Valiant Arms, GunZ, and Soldier Front.

ijji decided to focus more on the "hardcore" gaming segment, as they had already released Alliance of Valiant Arms and Soul of the Ultimate Nation in 2009.[2] ijji later released Genesis A.D into open beta.

ijji surpassed 10 million unique registered users in November 2009 and created a new logo for their game portal. The old orange ijji logo was replaced by a new metallic looking logo.[3] In this same month, all flash games on ijji.com that required no download were closed and removed from the game portal.[4]

In June 2011, ijji partnered up with Steam, the popular game distributing platform developed by Valve Corporation, and released Alliance of Valiant Arms as one of the free-to-play games available on Steam. This partnership allowed for the increasing of the community size of the free-to-play game portal. As a celebration, ijji gave away a free exclusive weapon, the British L8A52 rifle for new users who signed up on Steam.[5]

Starting on October 26, 2011, ijji removed the ability to sign up for a new ijji account. Instead, users will log in with their Facebook account to play ijji games. Existing users are still able to log in with their old accounts.

Acquisition of ijji[edit]

On January 5, 2012, NHN Corporation sold 100% stake of ijji to Aeria Games.[6] The new game portal has confirmed that it will only be hosting the three core games (GunZ, Soldier Front, and Alliance of Valiant Arms). All hosted games will be transferred to new game portals which ijji has already begun doing so. As of July 22, 2012, all ijji services were taken down. On July 23, 2012, account transfers were open for users to transfer existing account data to Aeria Games. It was rumored that a group of hackers stole tons of personal information and millions of dollars.[citation needed]

On May 5, 2013 Aeria announced it would cancel GunZ by May 31, 2013.

As of January 29, 2016 Aeria Games has stopped supporting Soldier Front.

In 2016, Aeria Games stopped providing service for Alliance of Valliant Arms. The game was transferred to En Masse Entertainment.

History of ijji Games[edit]




  • Lunia (2008 - Transferred in April 2012 to game portal AllM)





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