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Ijuí River

Coordinates: 27°58′3″S 55°20′1″W / 27.96750°S 55.33361°W / -27.96750; -55.33361[3]
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Ijuí River
Physical characteristics
 • locationRio Grande do Sul state
 • location
Uruguay River
Length541.7 km (336.6 mi)[1]
Basin size10,724 km2 (4,141 sq mi)[1]

The Ijuí River (Portuguese, Rio Ijuí[2]) (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁiw iʒuˈi]) is a river of Rio Grande do Sul state in southern Brazil. It is a tributary of the Uruguay River.

The name Ijuí (the earlier spelling Ijuhy is to be found in older documents and maps), like many geographical names and names of topographical features in Brazil, originated from the Guarani language.

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27°58′3″S 55°20′1″W / 27.96750°S 55.33361°W / -27.96750; -55.33361[3]


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