Chaos Flare

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Chaos Flare
Chaos Flare Second Chapter cover
Designer(s) Kiyomune Miwa, Ukyou Kodachi and F.E.A.R.
Publisher(s) Shinkigensha
Publication date 2005 (1st edition)
2008 Second Chapter(2nd edition)
Genre(s) Multi-genre fantasy
System(s) Custom

Chaos Flare (カオスフレア?) a.k.a. Ikai Senki Chaos Flare (異界戦記カオスフレア lit. Record of dimensions war, Chaos Flare?) is a Japanese multi-genre role-playing game inspired by Torg and various animations, novels and games.

Chaos Flare's many settings and terms are derived from Gnosticism.

Players take the role of Chaos Flare, deliberately larger-than-life heroes engaged in fighting against Demiurge and his dark apostles called Dusk Flare, to prevent fantasy world Origin being ruined by them. Chaos Flares that were originally called conquistadors were invaders from several dimensions (called spheres). However, Chaos Flares determined to fight for Origin because they awoke to the justice.

The realms extant are as follows:

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