Ikarus Drachen Tomas Pellicci

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Ikarus Drachen Tomas Pellicci
Industry Aerospace
Founder Tomas Pellicci
Headquarters Stephanskirchen, Germany
Products Hang gliders
Website www.ikaruspellicci.de

Ikarus Drachen Tomas Pellicci (English: Thomas Pellicci) is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Stephanskirchen, founded by Tomas Pellicci. The company specializes in the design and construction of beginner hang gliders for schools and flight training use.[1]


Summary of aircraft built by Ikarus Drachen Tomas Pellicci
Model name First flight Number built Type
Ikarus Funflyer hang glider
Ikarus Doppel hang glider
Ikarus Duo Club hang glider
Ikarus Grasshopper hang glider
Ikarus Imagine hang glider
Ikarus Spirit L hang glider


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