Ikatan Masyarakat Islam Malaysia

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Muslim Community Union of Malaysia
Ikatan Masyarakat Islam Malaysia
Abbreviation IKATAN
Founded 1991
Dissolved 1999
Succeeded by Parti Keadilan Nasional
Headquarters Terengganu
Ideology Islamism
Social justice
Religion Sunni Islam
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Ikatan Masyarakat Islam Malaysia (IKATAN) or Muslim Community Union of Malaysia was a minor Islamic political party formed in 1991 and based in Terengganu.[1]

The constitution of Ikatan Masyarakat Islam Malaysia was amended to change the name of the party to the National Justice Party (Malay: Parti Keadilan Nasional) (KeADILan) and launched on 4 April 1999.[2] and subsequently was renamed again as People's Justice Party (Malay: Parti Keadilan Rakyat) (PKR) after the merger with Malaysian People's Party (Malay: Parti Rakyat Malaysia) (PRM) on 3 August 2003.[3]


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