Ikeda clan

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Ikeda.
Ikeda clan
Ikeda prince de Bizen.svg
The emblem (mon) of the Minokuni branch of the Ikeda clan
Home province Tottori Domain
Okayama Domain
Parent house Seiwa Genji
Titles Various
Founder Ikeda Yasumasa
Current head Atsuko Ikeda
Dissolution still extant

Ikeda clan (池田氏 Ikeda-shi?) was a Japanese clan that claimed descent from the Seiwa Genji. In the Edo period, several of the clan's branches were daimyo families, most notably of the Tottori Domain and Okayama Domain. Takamasa Ikeda, former head of the Okayama Ikeda house was a husband of Atsuko Ikeda, fourth daughter of Emperor Shōwa.

Known members of the Ikeda clan[edit]