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Motto: love peace and progress
Country  Nigeria
State Imo State
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Ikeduru Local Government Area (LGA) is located in the western part of Imo State, in southern Nigeria, West Africa. It was previously carved out of the Mbaitolu/Ikeduru LGA. It has its headquarters at Iho (Ihuo). It is made up of the following 17 towns (communities): Avuvu, Atta, Eziama, Amakohia, Ngugo, Ikembara, Akabo, Amatta, Abazu, Uzoagba, Amaimo, Inyishi, Iho, Okwu, Umudim, Ugiri, and Eziama. The current chairman of the Ikeduru LGA is Chief Sam Aka[1] who hails from Iho-Dimeze. The Ikeduru LGA has the following neighbors, Mbaitolu, Mbano, and Mbaise, and they share a common culture and markets.


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