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This is the cover to the October 2006 issue of Ikki.
Editor Hideki Egami
Categories Seinen manga
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 11,500 (2010)
First issue April 2003
Final issue September 2014
Company Shogakukan
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Monthly Ikki (Japanese: 月刊IKKI Hepburn: Gekkan Ikki?) was a monthly seinen manga magazine published by Shogakukan. It tends to specialize in underground or alternative manga, but has had its share of major hits as well. Notably, both Bokurano and Ride Back have received anime adaptations. In 2009 Viz Media launched an online English version of Ikki named Sigikki.[1] The website serializes various titles from Ikki online and then when a title proves to be popular it receives publication in graphic novel form. The manga magazine suspended publication on September 25, 2014.[2]

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