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Ikrimah ibn Amr ibn Hishām (d. 636 CE), was an important early Muslim leader and companion of Muhammad. As the son of Amr ibn Hisham, Ikrimah was at first, one of the chief Mecca opponents to Muhammad. Ikrimah was also the childhood friend of Khalid bin Al-Waleed. Ikrimah had tried to dissuade Khalid from accepting Islam and when Abu Sufyan got to know of Khalid's intentions, he started to beat him but it was Ikrimah who controlled Abu Sufyan.

Ikrimah was the husband of Umm Hakim. In the battle of Uhud she accompanied Ikrimah and other Quraish of Mecca who fought against the Muslims.[1][2] In 630 CE when the Muslims conquered Mecca, Umm Hakim along with Quraish converted to Islam.[1][2][3] Subsequently, Umm Hakim convinced Ikramah to accept Islam.[4]

Ikrimah after converting to Islam became an important civil and military leader in the early Islamic state. Abu Bakr sent Ikrimah against Musaylimah, in Yamamah.

He died in 636 CE in the Battle of Yarmouk.

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