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Yoshi Ikuzō (吉幾三, born 11 November 1952, Goshogawara, Aomori) is the stage name of Yoshihito Kamata (鎌田 善人, Kamata Yoshihito), a Japanese famous enka singer-songwriter.

Enka is a popular genre akin to Japanese folk music or blues music in the Western world. He has released several popular albums. Amongst his most famous hits are "Sake-yo", "Suika", and "Yuki Guni".

He also claimed that he became the first popular hip hop artist in Japan by his 1984 song "Ora Tokyo sa Iguda" (lit. "I'm going to Tokyo"), which is sung in the Tsugaru dialect of Japanese.[1]

He has been on tour with fellow Japanese star Fukui Kodai.

His wife is named Hisako, and they have a daughter, Ikumi. His stage name is a pun for "Yoshi, ikuzo!" (よし、いくぞー!, Alright, let's go!).

Discography (incomplete)[edit]

  • Ora ha zettai! Presley : I'm an "Elvis Presley" indeed!
  • Ora Tokyo sa igu da : A farewell to the Rural
  • Yuki Guni : Snow Country
  • Sake yo : Sipping and drinking
  • Suika : Drunken Song
  • Dream
  • Shutcho Monogatari : My Dekasegi memories
  • Tachineputa
  • Kaze ni Fukarete : Blown with the wind


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