Il Borghese

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Il Borghese
CategoriesPolitical magazine
Cultural magazine
FounderLeo Longanesi
Year founded1950
Based inRome
WebsiteIl Borghese

Il Borghese is a monthly cultural and political magazine with a right-wing stance published in Rome, Italy.

History and profile[edit]

Il Borghese was established by Leo Longanesi in 1950.[1][2] He founded other magazines such as L'italiano and Omnibus.[1] The magazine was named after the conservative Borghese family.[3] It is published weekly and has a right-wing and conservative stance.[2][3]

Leopoldo Longanesi and Indro Montanelli were the early co-editors of Il Borghese.[4] The former held the post until his death in 1957.[5] In the 1950s the magazine was close to Christian Democracy Party.[6] However, its support ended when Longanesi argued that the party was too weak to counter the "communist threat".[6]

Il Borghese was closed down in 2001.[7] It was relaunched in Rome in December 2012.[7]

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