Il Demonio Nera

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Il Demonio Nera
Il Demonio Nera.jpg
Video by
Recorded1994 - 1997
GenreHeavy metal
LabelEvilive, Regain Records
DirectorGlenn Danzig, Peter Christopherson, Fred Stuhr, Dean Karr, Elias Merhige
ProducerGlenn Danzig
Danzig chronology
Archive de la Morte
Il Demonio Nera

Il Demonio Nera (non-standard Italian for "The Black Devil") is a DVD released by Glenn Danzig's band Danzig in 2005. The release is the follow up to Archive de la Morte from the previous year.

The video for "Until You Call on the Dark" is notable as its filming marked original drummer Chuck Biscuits' final public appearance as a member of the band. The footage was shot at The Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA, after Danzig's role as special guest on Metallica's 1994 summer tour. A band performance of the track "Until You Call On The Dark" is listed on the sleeve, but is not included in the DVD content itself.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Until You Call on the Dark" - MTV version
  2. "Until You Call on the Dark" - Glenn Danzig performance
  3. "Cantspeak" - Clean version
  4. "Cantspeak" - Filter Pass version
  5. "I Don't Mind the Pain" - MTV version
  6. "I Don't Mind the Pain" - Glenn Danzig performance
  7. "I Don't Mind the Pain" - Band performance
  8. "Sadistikal" - Black and white version (Previously unreleased)
  9. "Sadistikal" - Black and white and Color version (Previously unreleased)
  10. "Sacrifice" - Director's cut, Letterbox version
  11. "Serpentia" - Regular version (Previously unreleased)
  12. "Serpentia" - Alternative version (Previously unreleased)

All music videos directed by Glenn Danzig, except "Until You Call on the Dark" by Peter Christopherson, "Cantspeak" by Fred Stuhr, "I Don't Mind the Pain" by Dean Karr, and "Serpentia" by Elias Merhige