Il Male

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Il Male
Categories Satirical magazine
Frequency Weekly
First issue February 1978
Final issue 1982
Country Italy
Language Italian

Il Male (meaning Evil in English) was an Italian satirical magazine published in Italy between 1978 and 1982.

History and profile[edit]

Il Male was first published in February 1978 as a biweekly tabloid format political satire magazine.[1][2][3] The magazine originated from Italian cartoonist Pino Zac's idea.[2] Tommaso Chiaretti was the first editor-in-chief.[2]

The magazine became later weekly.[2] It started with a circulation of 20.000 copies and reached peaks of 48,000 copies.[3] Its fake covers of prominent newspaper were sensational media pranks; the authors even distributed a fake Pravda in Russia during communist rule.

Il Male ceased publication in 1982.[1]

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