Il Rovescio della Medaglia

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Il Rovescio della Medaglia
Origin Rome, Italy
Genres Progressive rock
Years active 1970-1977

Il Rovescio della Medaglia, or RDM, were an Italian hard rock and symphonic rock band. They are most famous for their symphonic rock piece Contaminazione, released in 1973. It contained four pieces from Bach's Well-tempered Clavier seamlessly integrated with RDM's own music, which often was inspired by rock or hard rock. In 1974 the record was released in an English version, Contamination, with the group's name simplified to RDM, although still written in full on the back of the LP jacket.

The band was produced by Luis Enríquez Bacalov.


As listed on Contamination:

  • Gino Campoli - percussives
  • Enzo Vita - guitar
  • Stefano Urso - bass
  • Franco di Sabbatino - keyboard
  • Pino Ballarini - vocals


CD releases[edit]

  • Contaminazione
South Korea, Si-Wan Records SRMC 1002, 1992. Booklet in Korean and (original) Italian.

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Italian progressive LPs re-recorded in English[edit]


  1. ^ The Italian-language version features Johann Sebastian Bach on the cover of the LP and CD. The album's full title is Contaminazione di alcune idee di certi preludi e fughe del Clavicembalo ben temperato di J. S. Bach (English: Contamination of some ideas from certain preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier of J. S. Bach).


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