Il Teatro degli Orrori

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Il Teatro degli Orrori - Il mondo nuovo (2012 - La Tempesta/Universal)
Il Teatro degli Orrori
Origin Venice
Genres Noise Rock
Alternative Rock
Years active 2005–present

Il Teatro degli Orrori is an Italian noise rock music band from Venice.

The band's name (Horrors' Theater) is inspired by the Theatre of Cruelty of Antonin Artaud.


The group comes to life in the winter of 2005. At participating in the project Pierpaolo Capovilla (frontman of One Dimensional Man (band)), Francesco Valente (One Dimensional Man (band) post Dario Perissutti) and Jonathan Mirai (voice and guitar of Super Elastic Bubble Plastic). He then went on also joined Giulio Favero (formerly One Dimensional Man (band)), completing the training. On 6 April 2007 he was released their first album, called Dell'Impero delle Tenebre. On 20 June 2008 attended the Heineken Jammin 'Festival on the side of Linea 77.[1]

On 25 March 2009, the compilation output Afterhours presentano: Il paese è reale (19 artisti per un paese migliore?) Wanted by Manuel Agnelli of Afterhours a result of participation in its group at the Sanremo Festival in 2009, to support and promote the realities indie rock the Italian underground scene, in which the Il Teatro degli Orrori part with a song called Refusenik, inspired by the events of Israeli conscientious objectors who refuse to take up arms in protest against the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

After two years preceding Dell'Impero delle Tenebre in 2009 he released the album A Sangue Freddo[2] re-released by the label La Tempesta Records. The song that gives title to the album is dedicated to Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian poet who was killed in 1995. The album was well received by critics and described as "less crude and immediate" in the previous work.[3] In early 2010 the band changed formation: Giulio Favero leave and enter to make part of the multi-instrumentalist Bologna Violenta (guitar, violin, synth) and Tommaso Mantelli on bass.[4]

In June take the stage of the MTV Day 2010. In March 2011, on his Facebook page, Capovilla announces the leaving of the drummer Francesco Valente and dismissal of Bologna Violenta guitarist and bassist Cloaks. Are not given information on substitutes, except for the return to low Giulio Favero. 22 July 2011 Giulio Favero announced on Facebook that the group is starting the recording for the third album in its original formation. On 25 November 2011 the Group announced the release of Il Mondo Nuovo scheduled for 31 January 2012. The album consists of 16 tracks, from the total duration of almost 70 minutes;[5] from 6 March 2012, the group is on tour to promote the album.

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