La Scoumoune

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La Scoumoune
La Scoumoune.jpg
Directed by José Giovanni
Produced by Raymond Danon
Screenplay by José Giovanni
Starring Jean Paul Belmondo, Michel Constantin, Claudia Cardinale
Music by François de Roubaix
Cinematography Andréas Winding
Release date
Country France
Language French
Box office 1,966,700 admissions (France)[1]

La Scoumoune ("Bad luck") is a 1972 French film directed by José Giovanni, starring Jean Paul Belmondo, Claudia Cardinale and Michel Constantin. It is an adaption of Giovanni's novel L'Excommunié.[2]

La Scoumoune is a remake of a 1961 French movie, A Man Named Rocca, directed by Jean Becker, also based on Giovanni's novel and starring Belmondo in the same part.


In the mid-1930s mobster Roberto La Rocca (Jean-Paul Belmondo) comes to Marseille to help his friend who was framed by the local crime bosses. Roberto is caught up in clashes between different gangs and as a result serves a long sentence in prison for the murder of several enemy gang members. Once in prison he begins to prepare his escape.



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