Il finto astrologo

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Il finto astrologo is an intermezzo by composer Niccolò Piccinni. The opera uses an Italian language libretto by Carlo Goldoni. The work premiered at the Teatro Valle in Rome on 7 February 1765 with a cast that included the famous castrato Venanzio Rauzzini as Clarice.[1]

Il finto astrologo is derived from Il mondo della luna, a libretto originally set to music by Baldassare Galuppi in 1750, with several modifications. The work of Piccinni has only two acts and is written for a reduced cast of four singers (Ecclittico, Buonafede, Clarice and Lisetta).[2]

The first performance in modern times was produced in Fermo in 1988.[2] The finale of the first act (that describes the imaginary travel of Buonafede to the Moon), has been described as "a typical opera buffa jewel".[2]


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