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The Il gran mogul (The Grand Moghul) concerto is a concerto for flute (RV 431a) by Vivaldi, written in the late 1720s or early 1730s. It was the Indian part of a set of four 'national' concertoes, La Francia (France), La Spagna (Spain) and L'Inghilterro (England) - the other three are all lost.

It appeared in a Dutch bookseller's sale catalogue of 1759 and was then lost until 2010, when it was rediscovered by Andrew Woolley in the papers of Lord Robert Kerr (?-1746), the son of William Kerr, 3rd Marquess of Lothian, now in the National Archives of Scotland. Kerr was a flautist himself and is thought to have collected it on a grand tour of Italy. Number RV 431a has been assigned to the concerto in Ryom Verzeichnis.

Related concerto[edit]

In the 1710s Vivaldi also wrote a violin concerto in D major (RV 208) Il Grosso Mogul, referring to Moghul emperor Akbar.[1]


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