Il più grande italiano di tutti i tempi

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LEONARDO DA VINCI, The Greatest Italian Ever
Giuseppe Verdi, runner-up
Galileo Galilei, semifinalist
Laura Pausini, 6th place
Luigi Pirandello, 8th place
Enrico Fermi, 9th place
Dante Alighieri, 10th place

Il più grande italiano di tutti i tempi ("The greatest Italian of all times") was an Italian television show based on the British 100 Greatest Britons transmitted on Rai 2 in January and February 2010.

It was presented by Francesco Facchinetti and Martina Stella, in four sessions. The winner was Leonardo da Vinci. The show was widely criticized and ignored by some historians in that it focussed mainly on personalities of recent history and today's Italian world. Some key figures of Italian history were largely ignored, including every figure from Ancient Rome. Also, the show had a very low share rate, 6%, due to the "unacceptable choice of representatives of the Italian culture such as Laura Pausini, definitely less important than genii such as Michelangelo and Donatello.

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Out of the top ten before the start of the final by web ranking.

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