Ilagan River

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Ilagan River (Pinacauan De Ilagan)
San Mariano Isabela.JPG
Ilagan River as it passes through the municipalities of San Mariano (background) and Benito Soliven (foreground).
Country  Philippines
Region Cagayan Valley
Source Ilagan River source
 - location Sierra Madre Mountains, Casiguran, Aurora, Central Luzon
 - coordinates 16°18′42.47″N 121°59′6.98″E / 16.3117972°N 121.9852722°E / 16.3117972; 121.9852722
Mouth Cagayan River
 - location Ilagan, Isabela
 - coordinates 17°10′7.75″N 121°53′16.85″E / 17.1688194°N 121.8880139°E / 17.1688194; 121.8880139Coordinates: 17°10′7.75″N 121°53′16.85″E / 17.1688194°N 121.8880139°E / 17.1688194; 121.8880139
Basin 3,132 km2 (1,209.27 sq mi)
Discharge mouth
 - average 9,455 m3/s (333,900.17 cu ft/s) [1]

Ilagan River is a river in the province of Isabela, Cagayan Valley, Philippines. It is one of the major tributaries of the Cagayan River, the largest river in the Philippines. The Ilagan River originates from the western slopes of the Sierra Madre and drains the eastern central portion of the Cagayan River basin. It has an estimated catchment basin size of 3,132 square kilometers [2] and an estimated annual discharge of 9,455 million cubic meters. It flows westward and joins the Cagayan River at Ilagan City, Isabela.[1]


Major tributaries of Ilagan River are:

Ilagan River at Ilagan City


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