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Chola King
Successor Karikala Chola
Issue Karikala Chola
Dynasty Chola

Ilamchetchenni (Iḷamcēṭceṉṉi; IPA: [iɭəmt͡ɕeːt͡ɕːsen̪ːi]; also spelt Ilanchetchenni) was an early Tamil king of the Chola dynasty during the Sangam period. He was a great warrior and ruled the Chola kingdom with Puhar as the capital. He married a princess of the Velirs and their child was Karikala Chola. Ilamchetchenni was succeeded by his son, Karikala Chola, who is considered the greatest among the Early Cholas.


N.K. Sastri claims that this is the period where Magadha dynasty had established its empire from Persia to southern India. Bindusara, son of Chandragupta Maurya, conquered almost the whole of India except Kalinga and Cholas. It is also mentioned that Ilanchetcheni had a good relation with Bindusara[citation needed]. But fragmentary poems of Sangam in the Purananuru[citation needed] states that, Ilamcetcenni successfully resisted[citation needed] the exploration of Mauryas[citation needed] down the southern region of the Indian subcontinent. Also Sastri claims that his period of reign is 301 BCE[citation needed] – 270 BCE and Cholas overpowered Cheras[citation needed] and Pandiyas[citation needed] at this time



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