Seethakoka Chiluka

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Seethakoka Chiluka
Seethakoka Chiluka.jpg
Film poster
Directed byA. R. Rajaraja
CinematographyA. Selva
Edited byRaja Mohammed
Music byMani Sharma
Release date
  • 29 September 2006 (2006-09-29)

Seethakoka Chiluka is a 2006 Indian Telugu-language film directed by A. R. Rajaraja. Navdeep and Sheela Kaur play the lead roles. Adolescent dreams and desires form its theme.[1] The film was dubbed in Tamil as Ilavattam with a few reshot scenes.[2][3]


The movie begins in college, with the district collector awarding Srinivas alias Cheenu and asking him to share his success story with everybody. Cheenu is an honest and studious village guy who hails from a poor farmer's family. Despite his friends' attempts to sway him towards the lusty distractions of adolescence, he stands his ground and tries to persuade them to follow his path. Lakshmi is the second daughter of a Zamindar also from the same village who studies at the same college as Cheenu. Despite their hatred for each other at the beginning, they end up falling for each other after a lot of melodrama. Lakshmi's brother-in-law (her elder sister's husband) lusts for her and tries to inherit their fortune by marrying both the Zamindar's daughters. He tries to beat Cheenu to death when everybody finds about their love affair. In an attempt to escape Prithviraj, the couple seeks protection from the district collector, who assures them that she would help them marry each other after they finish their education. The movie ends with a tedious action episode between Cheenu and Prithviraj and the title rolls.


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