Ilchester Cheese Company

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Norseland Ltd
Ilchester Cheese Company
Formerly called
Ilchester Cheese Company Ltd
Industry Cheese
Founded 1962
Headquarters Ilchester, Somerset, England
Products Applewood, Five Counties
Parent TINE SA

The Ilchester Cheese Company is a cheese company based in Ilchester, Somerset. The Ilchester brands are part of Norseland, a subsidiary of Norwegian dairy company Tine SA.[1] Ilchester do not actually manufacture any cheese from scratch, but specialise in blending a variety of British cheeses with other ingredients, such as beer and fruit. Notable Ilchester cheeses include Applewood, a smoke-flavoured Cheddar cheese, and Five Counties, which is a sandwich of five layers of different English cheeses.[2]


In 1962 Ken Seaton, a hotelier in Ilchester, Somerset, England, tried combining cheese with chives, Worthington E Bitter beer and a blend of spices.[3][4] This and other blended cheeses are manufactured and distributed by the Ilchester Cheese Company.

The company received farm subsidies from the European Union of 891,256 between 2001 and 2005.[5]


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