Ilda Figueiredo

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Maria Ilda Figueiredo in 2011

Maria Ilda da Costa Figueiredo (born 30 October 1948 in Troviscal, Oliveira do Bairro) is a Portuguese politician and a former Member of the European Parliament for the Portuguese Communist Party, part of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left group.

She was a substitute for the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and the Delegation to the EU-Romania Joint Parliamentary Committee.


  • In 1973, she was a graduated with an M.A. in Economics.
  • In 1998, she entered the Educational Planning and Administration.
  • She served as an economist for the Oporto Textile Workers' Union and the Oporto Trade Union Confederation of CGTP.
  • She has been a teacher at primary, secondary and university levels.


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