Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory

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Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory
Founded November 23, 1992 (1992-11-23)
Type Non-profit
Focus Waste management, public policy
Area served
Method Analysis, monitoring, statistical survey
Website Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory

The Observatoire Régional des Déchets d'île-de-France (ORDIF), or Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory in English, is a French non-profit organization created on 23 November 1992 as a joint initiative between the government and the Ile-de-France region, with its regional focus deemed conducive to a global consideration of waste management. In order to adhere to objectives specified in the regulations, the management of household waste was to be reviewed in its entirety, with a particular focus on the Ile-de-France region.


The purpose of ORDIF is to extend knowledge, disseminate information and produce waste management indicators for the Ile-de-France. It constitutes a tool for analysis and ongoing monitoring, enabling technical waste management solutions to be developed for the Ile-de-France, most notably in the context of public policies. To this end, it creates, develops, manages and updates a database that can be integrated into the various statistical and regional geographic information systems. It also produces studies, surveys and tools based on items of scientific, economic and technical information, made available by the relevant partners and professionals in the Ile-de-France region.

ORDIF promotes exchanges between public, private and associative stakeholders within its area of responsibility. On a daily basis it centralises and disseminates news and events associated with waste management in the Ile-de-France and organises presentations and exchanges.

ORDIF’s spheres of activity[edit]

Observation of waste flows and tonnage in the Ile-de-France[edit]

  • The household and comparable waste summary describes the organisation of the public waste disposal service at an institutional level and offers a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the waste volumes managed by the relevant Ile-de-France local authorities.
  • The treatment installations atlas presents the different installations receiving household and comparable waste collected throughout the Ile-de-France region and the tonnage treated.
  • The survey on waste from economic activity deals with waste arisings, tonnage treated, flows and treatment channels.

Social and economic observation[edit]

  • The financial study reports on the funding of the public waste disposal service in the Ile-de-France and presents the mechanisms available to local authorities.
  • The costs study looks at extending our knowledge of the cost of household waste management borne by the public service.
  • The purpose of the survey assessing the status of the waste management “market” is to make waste administration procedures transparent.

Environmental observation[edit]

  • The study on the environmental observation of waste management in the Ile-de-France monitors regional indicators on behalf of local stakeholders and makes available evaluation methodologies.

Observation on a European scale[edit]

  • ORDIF wishes to forge links with other European conurbations to engage in dialogue and work together to define joint modes of observation.
  • ORDIF provides expertise in European projects regarding waste observation, for instance in the Pre-waste project.

Tools available to stakeholders in the Ile-de-France[edit]

  • The waste prevention guide offers a body of experience developed by various stakeholders aimed at taking concrete action on a daily basis to reduce the quantity and toxicity of household and comparable waste.
  • A common core guide to writing annual reports on the cost and quality of the public waste disposal service is available; its purpose is to help the relevant authorities write their annual report by listing statutory technical and financial indicators.

An overview of waste in the Ile-de-France[edit]

  • This describes, in a question and answer format, interventions and projects presented during meetings on the future of waste.

ORDIF events[edit]

  • Events planned for members and professionals

Throughout the year ORDIF organises technical days, member forums for presentations and exchange of ideas and meetings for professionals on topics linked to current developments and waste management problems in the Ile-de-France.

ORDIF members[edit]

The Observatory has 77 members, all with an involvement in waste management in the Ile-de-France.

The State and its devolved bodies[edit]

  • ADEME Ile-de-France
  • Agence de l'Eau Seine Normandie
  • DIREN Ile-de-France
  • DRASS Ile-de-France
  • DRE Ile-de-France
  • DRIRE Ile-de-France
  • Préfecture de région Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France region and its associate bodies[edit]

  • Conseil Economique et Social de la Région Ile-de-France
  • Conseil régional Ile-de-France
  • IAU Ile-de-France

General councils[edit]

  • Conseil général de l’Essonne
  • Conseil général de la Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Conseil général de Seine-et-Marne
  • Conseil général des Hauts-de-Seine
  • Conseil général du Val-de-Marne
  • Mairie de Paris

Intercommunal groups with a responsibility for waste[edit]

  • CA de Cergy Pontoise
  • CC du Pays de Bière
  • SICTOM de la région de Rambouillet
  • SICTRM de la vallée du Loing
  • SIDRU de Saint Germain-en-Laye
  • SIETOM de la région de Tournan-en-Brie
  • SIETREM de la région de Lagny
  • SIEVD de Rungis
  • SIGIDURS de la région de Sarcelles
  • SIMACUR de Massy-Hauts-de-Bièvre
  • SIOM de la vallée de Chevreuse
  • SIRMOTOM de la région de Montereau
  • SITOM93
  • SITRU de la boucle de la Seine
  • SIVOM de la vallée de l’Yerres et des Sénarts
  • SMETOM des régions de Provins et du Mormant
  • SMICTOM de la région de Fontainebleau
  • SMITOM LOMBRIC Centre Ouest Seine-et-Marnais
  • SMITOM du Nord Seine-et-Marne
  • SYCTOM de l’agglomération parisienne
  • Syndicat AZUR
  • Syndicat EMERAUDE
  • Syndicat TRI ACTION

Waste treatment and management professionals[edit]

  • UNED

Consular chambers[edit]

  • Chambre du Commerce et de l'Industrie de Paris
  • Chambre régionale d’agriculture Ile-de-France
  • Chambre Régionale du Commerce et de l'Industrie de Paris Ile-de-France

Other waste management stakeholders[edit]

  • Aéroports de Paris
  • Eco-Emballages Ile-de-France
  • Fédération Française du Bâtiment
  • Groupement des Professionnels de la Peinture et de la Finition
  • Port Autonome de Paris
  • Syndicat Interdépartemental pour l'Assainissement de l'agglomération Parisienne
  • Récylum

Qualified associations and persons[edit]

  • Cercle National du Recyclage
  • Francis CHALOT
  • Antoine FRANCONI
  • Ile-de-France Environnement
  • Institut Municipal d'Education Permanente de Pantin
  • L’Interloque
  • Les Amis de la Terre
  • UFC Que Choisir Ile-de-France
  • Union Centrale des Communautés Emmaüs
  • Agir pour l'Environnement


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