Ile Warramous Island

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Ile Warramous Island
Ile Warramous Map.png
LocationGulf of Tadjoura, Gulf of Aden
Coordinates11°20′16″N 43°06′42″E / 11.337860°N 43.111646°E / 11.337860; 43.111646
Area0.278 km2 (0.107 sq mi)
Length0.44 km (0.273 mi)
Width0.37 km (0.23 mi)
Highest elevation7 m (23 ft)

The Ile Warramous Island is a small uninhabited islet about 1.28 kilometres (0.80 miles) east coast of Djibouti in the Gulf of Tadjoura and Gulf of Aden. The island lies near the city of Djibouti. The island is not open for the public with no civil population