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Background information
Also known as Los Ilegales
Origin Dominican Republic
Genres Merengue house
Years active 1995 (1995) - present
Labels BMG, EMI Music, Universal Music, Antena Music, Sony Music
Associated acts Monchy & Alexandra
Members Vladimir Dotel
Aneudy Pimentel
David Francisco Ortiz
Past members Álvaro Guzmán
Jason González
Lenny Medina
Rafael Rivera
freddy de la cruz (Anthony)
Juan Carlos Campos
Carlos Montaner
Leny Pimentel
Danyllo Silveira

Ilegales (also called Los Ilegales, "The Illegals") is a Grammy-nominated[1][2] Dominican merenhouse trio, founded in 1995[3] The group is led by singer-songwriter Vladimir Dotel and comprises Dotel, Juan Carlos Campos, and Lumy Pimentel. In addition to reaching the Billboard Tropical charts on their own, the group also had a hit with Alexandra Cabrera de la Cruz of Monchy y Alexandra. They were nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2003 for Best Pop Album.[2]



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