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FP4 plus
Maker Ilford Photo
Speed 125/22°
Type B&W print
Process Gelatin-silver
Format 35mm, 120, sheets
Application General
Introduced 1990
Speed 125 ASA
Type Color
Introduced 1968
Discontinued 1990
Replaced by FP4 plus
Speed 40 ASA (1946), 64 ASA (1951), 125 ASA (1960)
Type Color
Introduced 1942
Discontinued 1968
Replaced by FP4
Speed 80 ASA
Type Color
Introduced 1939
Discontinued 1942
Replaced by FP3
Speed 28 ASA
Type Color
Introduced 1935
Discontinued 1939
Replaced by FP2

FP is a cubic-grain black-and-white film from Ilford Photo with a long history.[1] It originated as Fine grain Panchromatic roll film in 1935. Like HP film, it has gone through a number of versions since then, with the latest being FP4 plus (FP4+ for short).


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