Ilford SFX

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Maker Ilford Photo
Speed 200/24°
Type B&W print
Process Gelatin-silver
Format 35mm, 120
Application Creative photography, architecture

SFX is a black-and-white film from Ilford Photo with extended sensitivity into the near-infrared at 740 nm. It can be used as a panchromatic film on its own, or with different red/infrared filters to give varying levels of the effect seen in infrared photography; i.e. dark skies and bright plant foliage. Ilford makes a 'deep red' filter specifically for this film, but others can be used as well.

SFX was discontinued when Ilford went into receivership in 2004 as it is a niche product. On 2007-01-26, Ilford announced it would relaunch the film[1] and it was relaunched in March 2007.

The film will be produced on what Ilford calls a 'manufacture on demand' (MOD) basis because of its low demand. With this relaunch, the Ilford product line-up is restored to its pre-receivership state.


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