Ilfracombe, Queensland

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Ilfracombe QLD.JPG
Town entry signs.
Ilfracombe is located in Queensland
Coordinates 23°30′S 144°30′E / 23.500°S 144.500°E / -23.500; 144.500Coordinates: 23°30′S 144°30′E / 23.500°S 144.500°E / -23.500; 144.500
Population 269 (2006 census)[1]
Established 1891
Postcode(s) 4727
Elevation 214 m (702 ft)
LGA(s) Longreach Region
State electorate(s) Gregory
Federal Division(s) Maranoa
Farming equipment along the Landsborough Highway, 2011

Ilfracombe /ˈɪlfrəkm/ is a small town in Central West Queensland, Australia that calls itself The Hub of the West. The main industry is sheep rearing, mainly for wool. Ilfracombe is situated on the Landsborough Highway, about 27 kilometres (17 mi) east of Longreach, 214 metres above sea level,[2] within the Longreach Region local government area.

The townsites of Ilfracombe and Longreach were amongst resumed portions of Wellshot Station.[3] In 1892, Wellshot was known as the biggest sheep station in the world, not because of the area it occupied but because of the number of sheep it ran; 460,000. So important was the property that Ilfracombe was known as Wellshot until 1890.[4] 40,000 two-year-old wethers were sold off from the property later the same year.[5]

The town was named after the coastal town of Ilfracombe in North Devon, England.[6] At the 2006 census, Ilfracombe and the surrounding region had a population of 269.[1] The town itself has a population of 190.[7]

It is home to a collection of antique agricultural machinery at the Ilfracombe Machinery and Heritage Museum. Other attractions and facilities in the town include a public library, swimming pool, a 14-hole golf course, racecourse and caravan park.[2]


Sheep stations were established in the area from 1864.[8] The Central railway line reached Ilfracombe in 1891[9] and the Post Office opened on 7 December 1891.[10] The town was much larger in the past. It once had three hotels instead of the single hotel now and two general stores.[2]

Heritage listings[edit]

Ilfracombe has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

Notable people[edit]

Notable people from the area include:


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