Ilga Manor

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Ilga Manor
Selonia, Latvia
Ilgu pils 2001-08-11.jpg
Manor in 2001 prior to renovation.
Type Manor

Ilga Manor (Latvian: Ilgas muiža) is a manor in the historical region of Selonia, in Daugavpils Municipality, Latvia. Located southeast of Daugavpils near the Belarusian border, it is currently used as a teaching site by Daugavpils University. Renovation of the building was completed in 2012 with the help of a grant from the European Regional Development Fund.[1]

The manor was built in the 1890s by Baltic German architect Wilhelm Neumann and used as a hunting lodge.

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Coordinates: 55°41′28″N 26°47′01″E / 55.6911°N 26.7836°E / 55.6911; 26.7836